Ilona Mauritzová received an award for her long-standing work for the University of West Bohemia

The commemorative medal was presented to her on 10 November 2021 during the Ceremonial Meeting of the Scientific Council of the University of West Bohemia

Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region

In view of the current epidemic situation, the Regional Authority prefers written communication /in hard copy or an electronic format/ or communication by telephone.

President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová honoured the memory of Marion Kirkham

He will remain in the memory of many participants in the celebrations of the end of World War II as a smiling man whose favourite gesture was the thumbs up.

The Pilsen Region and the City of Pilsen celebrated the 103rd anniversary of Czechoslovakia

President of the Region recalled the moments of the founding of Czechoslovakia and the heritage of the Masaryk Republic in relation to today’s times.

President of the Pilsen Region received the top representative of the Upper Palatinate

The friendly meeting was aimed at confirming and further expanding the cooperation between the two regions, which has resulted in a number of projects.