Elected Bodies

Elected Bodies of the Pilsen Region

19. February 2014 14:09, aktualizováno 12. November 2020 13:02, Milada Soukupová

Elections to the Regional Assemblies are called by the Czech President, and the Assembly’s term of office is four years (see Act No. 130/2000 Coll., on Regional Elections).

A new Pilsen Region Assembly was elected in the regional assembly elections held 2 - 3 October 2020.

Pilsen Region Assembly: 45 members

Political Party Number of Members
ANO 2011 12
ODS s podporou TOP 09 a nezávislých starostů11
     STAN, Zelení, PRO PLZEŇ 7
Česká strana pirátská      7


Pilsen Region Council: 9 members

Political Party Number of Members
ODS s podporou TOP 09 a nezávislých starostů 5
Česká strana pirátská 2

Political Parties:
ANO 2011/ANO 2011
ODS s podporou TOP 09 a nezávislých starostů/Civic Democratic Party+TOP 09+Independent Mayors
ČSSD/ Czech Social Democratic Party
KSČM/Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Česká strana pirátská/Czech Pirate Party
STAN+Zelení+PRO PLZEŇ/Mayors and Independents+Green Party+FOR PILSEN
SPD/Freedom and Direct Democracy 

Regions are independent local governments, which means they are not ruled by the central state, but by an assembly elected by the given region. This was supposed to enable citizens to gain better control of their region and influence what is happening in their local area. The region promotes general development in its region and tends to the needs of its citizenship. By fulfilling its tasks, it also protects the public interest defined by law and other regulations.

The region as an institution has a very similar structure to cities or municipalities. The supreme executive body is the Regional Assembly. Members of the Assembly elect a President of the Region from their ranks – the main official who represents the region and is entitled to act on its behalf. The president’s position in the region corresponds approximately to the position of a mayor of a city or municipality. The Assembly furthermore elects a Regional Council (corresponding to the function of a city or municipal council) which prepares documents for Assembly rulings or issues decisions itself in partial matters. The Regional Authority performs independent and delegated regional functions (see Act No. 129/2000 Coll., on Regions).

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