The Pilsen Region hosted the international robotics competition ROBO-VEHICLE 2024 PILSEN

15. March 2024 14:23, aktualizováno 14:54, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

The Pilsen Region hosted the 5th year of the international robotics competition ROBO-VEHICLE 2024 PILSEN. Twenty two teams competed with the participation of six countries. Students from a Croatian school dominated the robotic vehicle competition. The traditional competition is organized by the Pilsen Region, the Secondary Vocational school of Electrical Engineering Pilsen, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen together with Techmania Science Center Pilsen.

Two-member teams of students aged 17-21 from the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Croatia, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Turkey and the People's Republic of China took part in the competition. The task of the competition teams was to construct a robotic vehicle, present it to the jury in English language and drive it along a defined track in the shortest possible time. An unlit tunnel was part of the track, followed by an elevation with the obligation to slow down the vehicle before elevation and accelerate on descent. The robo-vehicle was carrying a cup with a measured amount of water and the vehicle had to finish the ride without spilling water out of the cup.

"The track was designed to be challenging for the international round of the competition, the competitors had to demonstrate very high-quality knowledge and prepare very well for the competition. The students of the Croatian technical school achieved the best results collecting nine of the twelve awards," says the Deputy Governor for Education and Sports Vladimír Kroc and adds: "In addition, the contestants could also receive an extra award; e.g. for the design of the vehicle in the creativity competition, where the fairing of the vehicle, protection of electronics from water or interesting lighting were also evaluated."

The most successful contestants were students from Tehnička škola Daruvar, a Croatian region where a high percentage of the population with Czech roots lives and even has a representative in the Croatian parliament. Students from the Pilsen Region go to Daruvar schools for exchange stays. Pilsen Region – the Department of Youth, Education and Sports of the Authority of the Pilsen Region - very actively cooperates with this area in the field of education. The Pilsen Region also recently wants to develop cooperation, especially in the field of education and training, with Turkish Bursa. On the occasion of the robotics competition, the representatives of Bursa visited the Pilsen Region.

Twenty three teams entered the competition – four teams from the Slovak Republic, three teams from the Republic of Croatia, two teams from the Federal Republic of Germany, three teams from the Republic of Turkey and three teams from the People's Republic of China, which competed online. The Pilsen Region was represented by teams of students from the Higher Vocational School and the Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering, Pilsen, the Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering, Pilsen, the Secondary School of Agriculture and Food, Klatovy, the Sports Gymnasium Pilsen, the Luďek Pik Gymnasium, Pilsen, the Secondary Vocational School and the Secondary Vocational College, Sušice, Gymnasium, Pilsen, Mikulášské nám. 23, and Secondary Technical School, Tachov.

"The Pilsen Region is an industrial region and has a long-term demand for technically competent experts here. Therefore, such a competition with international participation was the right opportunity to check student´s knowledge and see where they could move next. Contacts with others are very important for them as well. Partner companies look for students directly at such events and motivate them for their needs," says the Governor of the Pilsen Region Rudolf Špoták. "Personally, I really enjoy such competitions, because I am very proud of our students and I also secretly envy them that they have such opportunities to create and implement their projects today," adds the Governor.

Together with representatives of the Pilsen Region and Techmania Science Center Pilsen, the Rector of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Miroslav Lávička also presented the prizes to the winners of the categories. "For a long time, we have been striving for cooperation - from elementary schools to the university - to work in the Pilsen region. I hope that among the talented contestants today there were future students of technical fields at our university," said the Rector of the University of West Bohemia. Miloš Železný, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the UWB, also was on the jury that evaluated the most successful programming projects: "It is interesting to watch the innovative ideas that the teams have when designing the vehicle. It shows an effort to learn something extra. Moreover, they can certainly continue to do so as part of their studies at our faculty, where we will be happy to give them additional knowledge, which they will then apply in an interesting job," he added.

The aim of the competition is to deepen cooperation between schools in the field of developing digital competences needed for the future labor market, to compare professional skills between schools across individual states and to gain new inspiration for competing pupils.