The leadership of the Pilsen Region condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

01. March 2022 17:18, aktualizováno 02. March 2022 08:28, Mgr. Milada Soukupová
The leaders of the Pilsen Region condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine at its extraordinary meeting on Thursday, 24 February 2022. They consider the incursion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine to be an act of aggression, which is contrary to international law. They informed the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Yevhen Perebyinis, of their position and support for Ukraine by letter.
"The elementary principles of peaceful coexistence between nations have been trampled upon. This attack is indefensible, it brings chaos, tension and fear for life of ordinary people who have done nothing. An attack that undermines everything that can be trusted in diplomacy. It has been confirmed that this was not disinformation from the Western media, we are witnessing an aggression that forces the whole of Europe to activate its defences," said the President of the Pilsen Region Rudolf Špoták, condemning the incursion of Russian troops into Ukraine.
In a letter to Ukraine’s ambassador signed by the President of the Pilsen Region Rudolf Špoták, the region’s leadership says it supports Ukraine and its people against the unjustified attack on its territory. The Ukrainian flag has been hoisted on the building of the Regional Office, and the Pilsen Region is ready to help both materially and financially. At this moment, mapping of accommodation facilities owned by the Pilsen Region that could be offered to Ukrainian citizens affected by the war conflict has been started.
"We are watching the situation of the incursion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine with great regret. Russian aggression, which we now have the opportunity to observe in full, is inexcusable, shameful and reprehensible. It is taking a toll on the lives of your civilian citizens, and we therefore feel the need to express our support and due assistance to you," the letter reads verbatim.
The Council of the Pilsen Region approved the termination of the Memorandum of Cooperation, which was concluded by the Regional Assembly of the Pilsen Region and the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region of the Russian Federation, in May 2009.
The Pilsen Region will inform the mayors of towns and municipalities about its position and individual steps, and will also invite them to cooperate in securing sufficient accommodation capacities for short or long-term use. The Pilsen Region is ready to coordinate, within the framework of crisis management, possible humanitarian aid and care for people seeking help in the Pilsen Region.