President of the Pilsen Region Mauritzová: A big thank you to the Integrated Rescue System for a great job. I sympathize with all those affected

05. August 2021 18:32, aktualizováno 06. August 2021 12:38, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

On Wednesday, August 4, 2021, shortly after 8 a.m., a rail tragedy occurred. Near the village of Milavče in the Domažlice District, a collision occured between an EX 351 Western Express train coming from Munich and an OS 7406 passenger train. The tragedy claimed human lives and many injured.

The President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová praised the performance of all units of the Integrated Rescue System and thanked Prague, České Budějovice and the German partners for their help. 

“I would like to thank all the IRS units and many other emergency units that did not hesitate and immediately offered their help. We greatly appreciate these offers. I also appreciate the cross-border assistance of German paramedics who significantly contributed to helping people coming from abroad. I am aware that this disaster was managed with a minimum of casualties thanks to the professionalism of all the staff in the IRS and also thanks to the long-practised cooperation of all the IRS units. I am also very grateful to all the hospitals and their staff for their care of the injured passengers,” said Ilona Mauritzová.

The President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová also thanked the Mayor of Milavče Vojtěch Weber and the inhabitants of the village, who without hesitation joined to help and created facilities in the local cultural centre for passengers with minor injuries.