French companies establish business relations in the region

28. April 2023 16:59, aktualizováno 16. June 2023 16:16, Mgr. Milada Soukupová
Business opportunities in the Pilsen Region and the city of Pilsen were discussed on April 19 in one of the most state-of-the-art technology parks in the Czech Republic - the Tech Tower building in Pilsen. The event, organised by the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce, was attended by representatives of French companies, the French Embassy, the Pilsen Region and the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region.
The aim of the event was to present the possibilities of establishing business relations and to introduce the background for the development of science, research and potential new investors in the Pilsen Region. "This beautiful Tech Tower building, which you will be invited to see, was opened by the City of Pilsen a few months ago. It is a demonstration that the city of Pilsen is gradually becoming one of the centres of new technologies and engineering in the Czech Republic. I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for organizing this forum and for the fact that we can talk about Czech-French cooperation at a level which, in my opinion, is the strongest especially in the level of business and economy," said Rudolf Špoták, the Governor of the Pilsen Region, to the representatives of thirty French companies present.
He stressed that the Pilsen Region has experienced enormous progress in the development of the economic area and companies in recent years. "We are really very happy that we are no longer the classic manufacturing region, but that the areas of new technologies, research and development are also developing here." He also pointed out that the Pilsen Region used to be largely oriented towards the automotive sector, but today there are also many other sectors in the region. He also expressed his conviction that if companies move their production activities from Asian areas to Europe, the Pilsen Region, thanks to its location close to Germany and France, is one of the potential regions where production moved from Asia could be developed.
Filip Uhlík, Director of the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region, then informed the attendees about the range of possibilities for investment opportunities and establishing relationships with companies in the fields of biomedicine and medical technologies, materials engineering, renewable energy, nuclear energy, electromobility or intelligent manufacturing systems. He also introduced them to the background of the educational system in the form of the University of West Bohemia and the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Pilsen, whose graduates are a professional force not only in the field of science and research, but also for a number of companies and firms.
Representatives of the following companies took part in the discussion:
Mazars s. r. o., Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Tchéquie s.r.o., TotalEnergies Marketing Česká republika s. r. o., Schneider Electric CZ, s.r.o., SAINT-GOBAIN PAM CZ s.r.o., ANTALIS s.r.o., Bohemia Properties a.s., Neit Consulting, s.r.o, Atalian, Synergie, Equans, Veolia Česká republika a.s., Manutan, ISITEC International.