Economic cooperation was the topic of the meeting with the Chinese delegation

27. February 2023 10:44, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

A Chinese delegation from the partner province of Zhejiang held talks with the leadership of the Pilsen Region. This was the first visit of partners from China after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The main topic of the debate was economic cooperation.

“China is undoubtedly a strong economy, which is why we talked about cooperation based on economic aspects. There is an interest on the Chinese side and a great potential for its application in the Pilsen Region. We want to cooperate at the business level, and therefore we would try to connect our economic aspects, i.e. the Czech-Chinese Chamber, which operates in the Czech Republic, with the Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen Region,” said Rudolf Špoták, Governor of the Pilsen Region, recalling that the debate did not avoid the controversial topic of the war in Ukraine.

"We unequivocally agreed that neither China nor the Czech Republic is interested in the continuation of the Russian conflict and that both sides are pursuing a peaceful process to resolve it. We also do not want a third party, such as Russia, to interfere in Czech-Chinese relations. That is why we are united in the view that the Russian-Ukrainian crisis should be resolved peacefully,” added Rudolf Špoták.

The Friday meeting was attended by the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H. E. Feng Biao and a delegation from the city of Jinhua, part of Zhejiang Province, which has been a partner region of the Pilsen Region for sixteen years. “For us, the number sixteen is a symbol of good luck, so I believe that the number sixteen will also bring good luck to our further cooperation,” smiled Chinese Ambassador H. E. Feng Biao.