Companies from the Pilsen Region and Bavaria thank the Pilsen Region for its help with vaccinating their employees and its approach to the pandemic

06. December 2021 14:23, aktualizováno 14:25, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

On Wednesday, 1 December, Ilona Mauritzová, President of the Pilsen Region and Chair of the Crisis Staff of the Pilsen Region, was thanked for her help in providing vaccinations for employees of companies operating in the West Bohemian border region during an online meeting of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK Regensburg) and other employers. A total of 40 companies and firms participated in the event organised by the Regional Chamber of Commerce in the Pilsen Region.

During this meeting, the President of the Pilsen Region informed the attendees about the current epidemiological situation in the Pilsen Region, the number of hospitalized patients, testing teams and the situation and possibilities in the field of vaccination. She thanked the German and Czech employers for their cooperation and their responsible approach to the pandemic.
“I am glad that our contact can be so direct and that information reaches you and us very quickly. Thank you for trying to observe the measures related to the emergency in our country in your companies and for using or taking advantage of the possibilities of our vaccination mobile teams, which we have informed you about through the Regional Chamber of Commerce,” she said to employers, adding that they will be provided with methodological material prepared by the Public Health Office of the Pilsen Region containing all the current measures that employers should observe. She pointed out the newly opened vaccination site for unregistered people in Pilsen and that the Pilsen Region is trying to get GPs more involved in vaccination. “Thanks to the region's mobile testing and vaccination teams, the industry in our region has not completely stopped. Testing, together with vaccination, is the only way to keep it going and thus save people’s jobs,” said President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová, who also thanked Radka Trylčová, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, for her excellent cooperation. 

During the meeting, Richard Brunner, the Managing Director of the IHK Regensburg branch, highlighted and appreciated the approach and efforts of the representatives of the Pilsen Region to help companies with vaccination of their employees, which ultimately leads to keeping the companies in operation in the Covid-19 times. He recalled that the Pilsen Region was the first region in the Czech Republic to initiate the use of mobile teams for vaccination of foreign employees and thanked President Ilona Mauritzová for this activity and for promoting this possibility of vaccination. He further said that German companies operating in the Czech territory emphasise testing, vaccination and responsible compliance with all measures currently adopted by the Crisis Staff of the Pilsen Region. Vaccination coverage in companies is now between 60-70%.

Radka Trylčová, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, said, “It is important for us to get feedback from companies whose business is now very strongly affected by increased costs during the pandemic. Whether it is disinfectants, masks or testing. And the vaccination of employees in companies is also currently on the rise. But above all, this communication takes place on both sides, and I am very pleased that the regional management, led by the President, wants to talk about the problems in companies, to hear information from companies, and they want to help solve these problems.”

The discussion also turned to efforts to keep the border passable, the rising cost of energy and further cooperation with employment agencies. The need and usefulness of formulating a code of conduct for these labour brokers was also discussed.

Finally, Radka Trylčová, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, informed the participants that she would like to continue similar meetings as the one in December. According to her, the next one could take place as early as January 2022.