Commemoration of the victims of the Lidice tragedy and the victims of the Heydrichiad in Pilsen

28. June 2021 16:16, aktualizováno 16:26, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

On 11 June 2021,  President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová and Vice President Marek Ženíšek laid flowers at the Lidice Warn Memorial in Lochotín, Plzeň.  The memorial was created in 1982, 40 years after the annihilation of Lidice, and restored in 2012 by the Maják Plzně Association in cooperation with the Municipal District of Plzeň 1. Three years later, students of the Křižík Grammar School planted roses here, one flower for each Lidice child.

To honour the memory of citizens from Pilsen and the surrounding area executed in connection with the assassination of the acting Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, President of the Region Ilona Mauritzová, Vice President Marek Ženíšek and Councillor Marcela Krejsová then laid flowers at the Victims Memorial, created at the site of the former execution ground at the Army Shooting Range in Plzeň-Lobzy in 1961, where 12 people were shot during the second martial law in 1942.