Commemoration Acts to honour the memory of pilots and fighters in World War II

27. August 2020 15:27, aktualizováno 15:31, Mgr. Milada Soukupová
On Monday, August 18, 2020, a commemorative event took place at the Olšany Cemeteries in Prague at the grave of JR Irving and Vilém Bufka from the 311th Bomber Squadron of the RAF commemorating the arrival of Czechoslovak foreign pilots in August, 1945. The event was attended by Vice President of the Pilsen Region Vladislav Vilímec, Councillor Radka Trylčová, the representatives of Letci Plzeň, z. s. and ČSOL [Czechoslovak legionary community] Jednota Plzeň, war veterans, and other personalities of the region.
"As time goes on, human memory begins to be subject to the laws of time. And yet the names and brave deeds of our war heroes must not become mere testimonies of their time. On the contrary! It is the responsibility of our generation to deliver a message so that the turbulent history does not repeat itself," said Vladislav Vílímec in his speech. "No words can be concise enough, true enough or beautiful enough to describe the heroic deeds and destinies of Colonel Vilém Bufka and Air Force Major General Jan Roman Irving," the Vice-President continued. "For what they did and where they worked, they literally became ambassadors of Czech courage, heroism and prowess," said Radka Trylčová. Iveta Irvingová, daughter of J. R. Irving, added a personal memory of both pilots.
As part of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the return of Czechoslovak RAF pilots to their homeland, those present then moved to a park in front of the entrance hall of Terminal 4 in Ruzyně, Prague, and jointly honoured the memory of men and women who fought for our freedom during World War II, and many of whom sacrificed their lives in the fight.