Pilsen Region Assembly Committees

18. February 2014 17:03, aktualizováno 14. June 2022 12:45, René Zeithaml

Committees are initiative and review bodies set up by the Pilsen Region Assembly. The committees complete tasks appointed by the Region Assembly, and their opinions and proposals are submitted to the Assembly. The Financial Committee, Supervisory Committee, and Committee for Education and Employment are always established by the Pilsen Region Assembly.

Committee Chairs:

• Financial Committee – Pavel Strolený

• Supervisory Committee – Eva Trůková

• Committee for Digitalisation, IT and Open Region Policy – Milan Chaloupka

• Transport Committee - Petr Fišer

• Committee for Investments and Asset Management – Jiří Hanousek 

• Committee for Culture, Landmark Preservation and Tourism - Jan Látka

• Committee for Legislation, Security and Emergency Response Systems - Kamil František Šefl

• Committee for Partner Regions, External Relations and Marketing – Pavel Javorský

• Committee for Regional Development - Jan Vavřička

• Committee for Social Affairs - Jitka Kylišová

• Committee for Sport – Jiří Uhlík 

• Committee for Public Procurement - Jiří Pek

• Committee for Education and Employment – Vladimír Tichý

• Committee for Health - Karel Pressl

• Committee for the Environment, Agriculture and European Affairs - Jan Bozděch