Nine new products awarded as ‘Local Food of the Pilsen Region 2019’

16. September 2019 18:21, aktualizováno 17. September 2019 14:25, Milada Soukupová

The Pilsen Region Local Food Festival is traditionally an event where prizes for regional products of the year are presented. Besides the award ceremony, the festival program included cooking from local products, farmers' markets and gardening or beer draft workshops.

A new workshop called Smart Village was prepared for mayors and other interested parties, where experts from the Czech Republic and Bavaria presented innovations in the field of smart technologies.

The Pilsen Region Local Food Festival, held on the premises of Pilsner Urquell Brewery, was opened by President of the Region Josef Bernard and the representatives from Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria, Germany. They all then met in the kitchen and took part in a cooking show during which they, with the help of chefs, prepared degustation dishes from local products in front of the audience.

“The Local Food Festival helps visitors discover what they can buy from local vendors and taste it. Today I tried a great recipe for trout and I managed to prepare pea purée, carrots on hay and Dutch sauce with dill. I hope that the degustation inspired many visitors to use local products from local producers,” said President of the Region Josef Bernard after preparing a small degustation menu as part of the cooking show.

From the morning, visitors could buy local foods at the farmers' market, where they were offered directly by the producers. There were 24 stalls in the courtyard of Pilsner Urquell Brewery and there was definitely a lot to choose from. The farms offered goat and sheep cheeses and milk, marmalades, jams, sausages, homemade bread, cookies, coffee and healthy snacks. Our German neighbours imported pretzels, sausages, pâtés or smoked meat. The program also included a musical performance and a cooking show presented by chef Jan Punčochář.

In the afternoon, the winners of the Pilsen Region Local Food 2019 competition were announced. 106 products from 38 producers competed in nine categories for the prestigious brand, which is a synonym for quality and honesty of local producers. The greatest interest was in the category ‘Bakery products including pasta’.

Special prizes were awarded in addition to these winning foods. Experts from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, the Czech Center for Science and Society and the Mayor of Frauenau, Bavaria, Germany,  took part in the special program of the Smart Village workshop.

Awarded local products:


Product and producer:
Heat-treated meat products

Pork side from Čečkovice

AB Bor, s.r.o.
Durable meat products, non–heat-treated meat products, preserves and semi-preserves

Procházka’s roasted pork spread

Jaroslav Procházka
Cheeses, including quark


Ing. Pavel Kvita
Other dairy products

Organic goat’s yogurt  milk

Luděk Maruna
Bakery products, including pasta
Svatební koláček tvarohový
Marie Vondrovicová
Confectionery products

Apple MüsLenka

Lenka Havlová
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Sea buckthorn and raspberry syrup

Od Macháčků s.r.o.
Fruit and vegetables, fresh or processed

Pear with honey

Mgr. Jaroslava Frančíková


Escargot liver

Jiří Studnička


Following products were awarded a special prize:

Awarded product and producer:
Bowl of the President of the Pilsen Region

Klatovy gingerbread

Secondary School of Agriculture and Food, Klatovy

Bowl of the Member of the Pilsen Region Council for Environment and Agriculture Mgr. Radka Trylčová

Butcher’s cake

Ing. Michal Šnebergr
Bowl of Local Action Group POŠUMAVÍ, z.s.

Flower honey

Honey producer Medulík – Jiří Halml

Úhlava o.p.s. Cup

Švihák - apple juice with celery

David Melichar –  Cider house Úherce