The Honorary Plaque of the President of the Pilsen Region awarded

22. November 2021 09:48, Mgr. Milada Soukupová

Stanislav Frank, Pavel Pavlovský, Jana Petrová and Jiří Marek are the recipients of the Honorary Plaque of the President of the Pilsen Region for their courageous civic attitudes in 2021. They were presented by President of the Pilsen Region Ilona Mauritzová and Vice President Josef Bernard in the Assembly Hall on 16 November 2021. The Honorary Plaque made of pure silver with the portrait of Jan Palach was presented to the awardees for the fifth time. 

“To stand up to majority beliefs, to speak out at a time when presenting one’s own opinion is punishable, and to fight for the right thing is bravery. The persecution, harassment and victimisation of those who had an opinion and wanted to live freely should have silenced them and intimidated others. Thanks to those who stood up to fear, often at great personal cost, and inspired others to be brave, we can live in freedom and democracy today. This year’s recipients of the plaque awarded for courageous civic stances are just such people. They deserve our admiration and gratitude for their courage,” said President Ilona Mauritz.

The awarding of the plaques for courageous civic attitudes was founded in 2017 by the former President Josef Bernard. “People who refused to abase themselves in difficult times and stood up against the ruling establishment for the right cause have my deep admiration. After all, it was so tempting not to make trouble and to have a much simpler life. Without such personalities, we would never have seen the return of freedom in our country. Thanking them in the form of Jan Palach Plaque and recognizing their bravery is the least we can do for them today,” said Vice President Josef Bernard. He also pointed out that even today, 30 years after the Velvet Revolution, we sometimes feel that we do not have to deal with the consolidation of democracy and freedom, but the opposite is true. “The Cold War has become a digital and information war. The effort to move our country away from Western democracies has been evident in recent years. And as always, the most important people today are those who were and still are not afraid to fight against suppression. We need them like salt,” he added.

The ceremony took place in the Assembly Hall of the Regional Office of the Pilsen Region. The life journey of the awardees was presented in short videos.

(Jiří Marek will receive the honorary plaque individually due to illness.)