Regional Assistance Centre For Ukraine Established In Pilsen

04. March 2022 10:47, aktualizováno 28. April 2022 15:06, Ing. Milan Kozel

Under the leadership of the Pilsen Region, the Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine is being established in the former Prior department store in the centre of Pilsen to help refugees coming from the war-torn country. The centre will gradually provide a complete 24/7 service for new arrivals, ranging from providing documents, health insurance, humanitarian aid, coordination of accommodation to psychosocial assistance. The Pilsen Region will cooperate with the Integrated Rescue System (Fire Brigade, Police of the Czech Republic, Municipal Police and Emergency medical services), the City of Pilsen, non-profit organizations and representatives of the health insurance company VZP.

The President of the Pilsen Region Rudolf Špoták will appoint a working group to deal with the situation related to the war in Ukraine and with the reception of refugees from the country. Its members will include cooperation units working with the region on the operation of the crisis centre.

"During the weekend we have already dealt with the operation of the refugee assistance centre together with the emergency services. The premises after the vaccination centre in Prior seemed to be suitable as they are conveniently located near the train station and provide parking lots for buses with refugees. The furniture and other necessary equipment, including internet and electricity connection, will be delivered to the site tomorrow morning at the latest so that the centre can be put into operation as soon as possible," said Rudolf Špoták, President of the Pilsen Region, adding that the City of Plzeň, which is already coordinating the cooperation of non-profit organisations providing humanitarian aid, will play an important role in the cooperation. "I am very grateful to the City of Pilsen for the platform of non-profit organisations that will cooperate in providing humanitarian aid. It will be a well-coordinated action, which is currently needed, and will be used in the management of the crisis centre," adds President Špoták.

Activities provided within the framework of KACPU (Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine):
a) Registration, documents checking, identification (vetting)
b) Visa issuance, documents, etc.
c) Registration of health insurance
d) Health care
e) Humanitarian assistance - food, drinks, clothing
f) Psychosocial assistance
g) Arranging accommodation
h) Transport to accommodation