Visit of the Ambassador of Austria

17. August 2018 11:55, aktualizováno 10:55, Milan Kozel

The Ambassador of Austria to the Czech Republic Alexander Grubmayr and the Attaché of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague Waltraud Strommer visited the Pilsen Region on July 12, 2018.

The President of the Region Josef Bernard introduced the Pilsen Region, including all its advantages, to them. He also mentioned current labour productivity, wage growth, employment of foreigners and the project helping foreign families settle in the region.

The Ambassador was also interested in dual education, the possibility of acquiring practice in companies for students, and the ways of training apprentices. He also spoke about industry and production in Austria and its high investment in research, which brings more money and boosts productivity.

The President of the Region outlined the planned changes in public transport in the whole region, savings in healthcare, and efforts to attract more tourists.

The topics of the current political situation, the further course of the Czech Republic, agriculture, the European Union and subsidies were also discussed.