Three personages inducted into the Hall of Fame of the President of the Region

09. November 2015 16:43, aktualizováno 15:43, René Zeithaml

The Hall of Fame of the President of the Region opened for the seventh time on 15 September 2015 so that three more personages of the region in the field of arts, science, sport and social life, who are celebrating an important anniversary this year as well, could be inducted into it.

Manager and entrepreneur Josef Bernard, former Czech football midfielder and representative, couch assistant Pavel Horvath, and doctor, teacher, manager and former politician Boris Kreuzberg are three personalities whom the President of the Region have inducted into the fictional Hall of Fame this year and whom he has given a commemorative diploma and characteristic stone – agate.

All three personalities either were born or have long lived in the Pilsen Region, and their work and reputation go beyond the borders of the region.

“Personalities who managed to make their dreams come true and at the same time, are an example for others, should be highlighted in today´s challenging and fast-moving world," says President of the Region Václav Šlajs.

The ceremony was held in the small hall of Měšťanská beseda in Pilsen. Students of Pilsen Musical Conservatory performed at the event.



foto: Jindra Radová