Day with the Pilsen Region and Czech Beer Festival started in Monaco

27. June 2016 15:56, aktualizováno 15:02, Milada Soukupová

A delegation of representatives of the Pilsen Region led by its President Václav Šlajs and representatives of selected Czech breweries attended the Day with the Pilsen Region and Czech Beer Festival in Monaco.

At the official opening,  President of the Region Václav Šlajs talked  about the Pilsen Region as a region with      a successful economy and historically low unemployment; he also mentioned the good geographical position - neighbourhood with Bavaria, which brings both regions advantages in the areas of economy, education, culture and regional development.  Deputy President Jiří Struček  thanked the hosts for the invitation and introduced     a presentation spot of the Pilsen Region, thus inviting Monaco hosts to visit the Pilsen Region: “Although the beauties of the Pilsen Region will be introduced in the clip, the ideal is to see them with your own eyes and enjoy first-hand what the region has to offer. Czech Ambassador in France Marie Chatard also took the floor.

Konrad Brewery and Royal Czech Beer Brewery were presented at the opening ceremony of both events.

The opening was followed by a reception held on the occasion of the Czech Beer Festival and the Day with the Pilsen Region, which was also attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco and other important personalities, e.g. model Tereza Maxová. The banquet was prepared by students of the High School of Agriculture and Food run by the Pilsen Region.  Czech breweries, offering various sorts of Czech beer to taste, were also presented there. The reception was started by the Czech Ambassador in France. Prince Albert II of Monaco, accompanied by the Ambassador and the President of the Region Václav Šlajs, inspected the stalls of Czech breweries and tasted Czech beers. The President then handed Prince Albert II a gift - Pilsner beer and original glasses. The atmosphere of the reception was perfectly complemented by the music of the Mrákov music ensemble from the Chodsko Region. Their music was a great success.



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